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Brian Harris

Host/ Creator

22+ years as an US Army Officer and Warrant Officer. 5 years as an Armor/Cavalry officer as an M1 Tank and 120mm Mortar Platoon Leader. 18+ years as an Aviation officer with over 2,200 hours as OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and AH-64D/E Pilot. Two Combat Deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. Taught operations and tactics at the US Army Armor School and chief aviation operations coach at the Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk.


Producer / Co-Host

23+ Senior Agency Official inside the Department of Defense specializing in Intelligence and Information Warfare. Served one tour in Iraq as Civilian Deputy Commander 402nd. Spent three years as a senior advisor for United States Africa Combatant Command in Stuttgart, Germany.  Private pilot and aircraft owner with over 1000 hours PIC. Father of five, which is contributing to a growing bald spot.

CHase ray

Social Media

6 Years Enlisted Air Force Security Forces multiple jobs including my last tour as the Unit Training Manager at the USAF Academy. 2 trips to Iraq in 09' and 11'. 75 Hours in various fixed wing airplanes including Cessna, Pipers, and Diamonds. Currently attending Flight School to finish Instrument, Commercial, and CFI, with hope to either fly in the Airlines or fly some cush corporate gig. Unlike Kelly, I don't have kids and I'm bald so there's that

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